Frequently Asked Questions

What is Management Plans?

Management plans is good for those who want the ease of managing one or multiple WordPress websites, and get access to all WPMU DEV plugins at a much cheaper cost and customization support from professionals.

What is Hosting Plans?

This is much suitable for those who want to get a managed yet easy WordPress hosting that is fast & Secure, beside access to all premium WPMU DEV plugins through our network and other licensed and life-time updated plugins & themes.

Can I have Multiple Plans?

Yes, for sure
you can even have two subscriptions for the same plan and you can choose to cancel any of them right from your account dashboard.
Please Note that each plan will still be accessed until the end of it’s term though. but you won’t get billed for coming cycles.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade?

Sure, you can do all actions right from your account page, and instantly upgrade your plan or downgrade it if you feel like you don’t need your current plan features.

How much time it takes?

We are still working on an automated solution, but till then your access to the Hub depends on your quick response with our team, it usually takes on hour to setup but in some cases it may take longer.
Once you pay the subscription successfully you will be contacted to provide other details or you can be much quicker and fill the form in your account page whether you’re adding a website to manage or to host.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes, you have 14 days to ask for a refund if you find that the service isn’t as described or you aren’t happy with us for any reason.
pleas also note that to get a refund you should contact us HERE, rather than requesting the refund through PayPal directly for a smoother & better experience.

Still have any questions…